Boot spots: EURO16 starts | Explore the boots that stole the show!


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

First weekend of EURO16 games are over and what a way to kick things off. Needless to say, we have naturally been watching every day and picked out the best boots spots for your viewing pleasure. Dig in!

Paul Pogba (France) - adidas ACE 16+ PureControl Custom

The man we all had on our dream team and who cost us quite a lot of points. That angry outburst aside, adidas had equipped Paul Pogba with a very special pair of ACE 16+ PureControl for the opening match of EURO16. With the French flag on the heel and front. I can’t wait to see what else they have lined up for their biggest athlete at the tournament.

Gareth Bale (Wales) - adidas X 15.1 custom

Another big adidas athlete at EURO16 is Gareth Bale, but he continues to insist on playing in his custom made adidas X 15.1 boots, which he has used for more than six months now. The boots are made with numerous customisations, so it’s really no wonder it’s tough to get a new pair to suit his needs, but still, come on Gareth!

Granit Xhaka (Switzerland) - Under Armour Clutchfit 2.0

A freshly completed move to Arsenal, playing a EURO16 game against his brother and bright eye-catching boots. It’s no wonder all eyes were on Granit Xhaka. He has for a long time now been sponsored by Under Armour, who knew early that this guy had something special. He is also currently the player with second most completed passes, helping the Under Armour Clutchfit 2.0 rise in our EURO Boot Performance Lab - explore all the boots and find out how they are doing here.

Raheem Sterling & Kyle Walker (England) - Nike Mercurial Vapor XI Custom & Nike Mercurial Superfly V custom

No one knew this was happening, but in the training sessions up until the Russia game we suddenly started spotting the England players in unique red Mercurial colourways. For the game Raheem Sterling and Kyle Walker turned up in each of their Mercurial boots made specially for the home-kit. They both look absolutely stunning and inspired the pair, who played two of their finest games ever for the national team. How England didn’t win that game still beggars belief.

Hulk (Brazil) - Mizuno Morelia Neo

Still probably the best made football boots out there if you ask me, and the new summer 16 colourway does nothing to harm that reputation. Hulk wore the boots during the match against Peru, where the Selecao played positively atrocious, and ended up losing 1-0. That means the five time World Cup winners are out of the Copa America in the group stages and we therefore won’t get to see these beautiful boots in action anymore. A damn shame…

Gyasi Zardes (Team USA) - adidas ACE 16.1

Don’t know if he has lost his backing from Messi, but Gyasi Zardes is no longer wearing the Argentinians signature boots. He has switched to the ACE 16.1 boots following the release of the new adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility.

Lionel Messi (Argentina) - adidas Messi 16.1

Speaking of which, Lionel Messi himself has opted for the 16.1 version over the PureAgility boots. Both the 16.1 and 16+ PureAgility are topmodel boots and in terms of quality there is no difference, so it’s just a matter of personal preference. In addition, it’s worth noting that he for the first time in many years hasn’t been given a custom version in leather, which he usually does. A synthetic that lives up to Messi’s quality demands - must be something very special!