Liverpool away-shirt 2016/17 by New Balance


Written by Mathias

Right now, in the middle of all the EURO16 furor, New Balance give us a little break from all the national team talk and present the new Liverpool away-shirt. As far as distractions go, a very good one!

Drawing inspiration from the club’s infamous 1977 European Cup triumph, the design team have used the original match day program, as the basis for the shirt. How does that make sense you ask? Well, the colours on the program were made in a black and red theme, which happened to be two very well suited tones for the new 2016/17 Liverpool away-shirt.

New Balance have a tradition of keeping their kits very simple and classy, which is exactly what they have done here. An imposing black body, with bright red vents on the side, which really add some edge to the kit. That combined with the silver detailing, makes for an incredibly stylish kit, which is an early contender for kit of the summer. And that is coming from me, an avid loather of everything Liverpool-related…

The new Liverpool away-shirt for the 2016/17 season can be ordered right here, as the teams start looking forward to next season and the challenges ahead.