Luca interviews Aaron Ramsey | Talking about England - Wales and his glorious beard


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Today is the day I think a lot of Welsh and English fans have been eagerly awaiting! As the two nations go head to head. Luca recently spoke to Aaron Ramsey to get an idea of how he felt ahead of the game..

Aaron ‘Rambo’ Ramsey is easily the second biggest star on the Welsh team and only slightly outshone by Gareth Bale. Luca recently sat down with him, in connection with a New Balance event, to talk about anything and everything he could think of (mostly silly stuff to be honest), and also got an idea of how Ramsey was feeling ahead of the England game.

Watch the video above and get a few laughs in to settle the nerves, before the big game this afternoon. I doubt any of the England players will be able to catch Aaron Ramsey off guard, as much as Luca did in his interview.