Fans create crazy atmosphere at Stade de Bordeaux


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Austria - Hungary doesn’t on paper sound like a very entertaining match to go to, but that’s exactly what it was, when Joltter watched the game, at the Stade de Bordeaux.

Two days ago, one of the less high profile matches at EURO16 took place, when Hungary and Austria locked horns. Maybe that’s why Joltter was struggling to find someone to join him at the game, because he actually ended up having to go on his lonesome.

There are however some people out there, who should be feeling very sorry. Joltter wasn’t slow to conclude that the atmosphere was the greatest he had ever experienced at a game. And from the images he sent from the game, it looks like he might be right.

Watch the episode above and the pictures below.

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