adidas create a 'Fracas' | The official match ball for the EURO16 knockout stages


Written by Mathias

As tradition dictates, now that the European Championship is about to move into the knockout stages, adidas present a football for the final stages. Introducing the adidas Fracas.

From next Saturday and onwards it’s win or go home at EURO16! Even the smallest misstep or moment of uncertainty will bring the wrath of an entire nation down on the players. This increased pressure and explosive unpredictability definitely ups the game-tempo, which is the feeling the designers have attempted to tap into with the new adidas Fracas official match ball.

The name “Fracas” was chosen by a combined lineup of some of France’s biggest artists from across fashion, music and pop culture. In France, doing something with ‘fracas’ means to be disruptive and make noise in a chaotic fashion, and that certainly fits the knockout stage inspiration well too. Good job David Guetta & co!

“Beau Jeu was all about tactical football; doing what you had to do in order to get to the knock-out stages. Fracas is a more disruptive design. It represents the noise of the crowd and the excitement around a winner- takes-all mentality on the pitch.” - Sam Handy, Vice President of Design.

The adidas ‘Fracas’ Official Match ball for the EURO16 knockout stages can be pre-ordered right here.