These blackouted boots can be PUMA's next move...


Written by Mathias

The other day a special package came through the door from PUMA Football. In that package there was a pair of blackouted football boots. They don’t look like anything we have ever seen from PUMA before…

… And as the boots moved around the office, it became more and more clear that PUMA were planning something big. When the boots are going to be launched, what they are called and deeper secrets like that, is not something we can reveal at this point in time. But what we can tell you, is that from the boots we had it in our hands, we can tell PUMA are close to unveiling something.

This blackout model is only a test version, but there can’t be many modifications left, before PUMA are ready with the final product. We don’t hope so at least, because what we have tried here worked very well.

The story behind the forthcoming PUMA football boots is built on a combined foundation of PUMA’s impressive legacy and modern football. This is PUMA’s ultimate shot at delivering a football boot, which will compete with boots from the very top shelf.

The upper is made with a sumptuous leather upper, which gives you that soft touch we all associate with leather boots. However, PUMA have made sure not to make the upper too thick and you therefore still get a surprisingly sharp touch. Another area, which has really become a focus point in modern football is comfort, and given it is a leather football boot, that is naturally also absolutely top notch.

In addition to the soft leather upper, PUMA have also added this sock-like construction, which has definitely come to stay on the football boot market. The sock wraps itself around the foot and delivers, together with the leather, a fantastic and very comfortable fit. The last is pretty wide, which means it follows in the footsteps of the King and evoPOWER silo.

There really isn’t much else to say about this product, than it is very exciting and I honestly can’t wait to see where PUMA take it, because the potential for a leather silo like this is limitless.