Epic atmosphere at Iceland - England | Crazy scenes in one of the biggest upsets ever!


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Stunning! An entire country in delirium and an entire country in complete and utter turmoil. Joltter was at England vs. Iceland, where he experienced history first hand! Almost too much to handle!

One tenth of the Icelandic population is currently in France and continue to impress the world with their belief and teamspirit. This Monday, when they played England, 99.8% of the viewing TV audience in Iceland watched the game - only 650 people were watching something else. To say the support is good would be a ridiculous understatement!

Joltter got to feel this first hand, when he went to what will go down in history as one of the most legendary football matches. He partied with the England and Iceland fans before the game, where in fairness most of the Iceland fans all predicted they would win. No fear!

Also, at the end of the video Joltter addressed a very important point. For the game he was wearing the England National Team shirt, which makes it another game, where the team loses, when he wears their jersey. Joltter has the power to decide who wins EURO16 - please don’t wear the Iceland shirt!

Watch all the madness, highlights and live reactions from the Iceland VS England game by clicking the video above!