WebTV and their EURO's the last week


Written by Jonathan

While things are starting to take off at the EURO's our boys from the WebTV crew are having themselves a fabolous time in France. They look back at the latest round in the EURO's.

Last Friday, JayMike arrived in Nice to meet up with the rest of the crew. Here Joltter and Luca introduced him to the Camp Unisport. I asked them, how they experienced the Round of 16 at the EURO's and this was, what they had to say:


I just need to say it: When Sweden went out of the EURO's, a small part of me died. It has been an emotional ride with them, not to mention the swedish girls. They have been without any comparison the best thing about the tournament. On another note, it's freaking me a bit out that every match I go to, the team I support loses. I don't know who to support anymore - the team I want to win or want to lose?

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First of all it's amazing to finally be here in France. The atmosphere is beyond crazy. When France played against Ireland we went to a square where they had set up a big screen. People went absolutely nuts when Griezmann scored. On another note it was a bit disappointing to see that Pogba didn't play in the Paris Pack. It would be the perfect combination. Hopefully he'll wear them in the quarter finals. And the last thing I need to mention is Shaqiri's goal against Poland - WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!?!?!


Watching Germany splash out Slovakia was without a doubt the biggest highlight of my EURO's. Even more to experience all of that in the Stadium on my birthday. You can't ask for a better football moment. I will say though, that the German fans could be a bit more enthusiastic. You can't help but being a bit jealous on the Northern Irish fans, when they sing the "Will Grigg's on Fire" anthem. It's such a shame that he didn't get to play in the tournament.

Our three WebTV hosts have been gathered in Nice the last week, but from tomorrow they will split up and continue on each of their EURO journey. Remember that you can follow them on our Snapchat account.

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