The Colosseum inspires new AS Roma shirt


Written by Mathias

First Juventus, then Inter and now Roma want in on the fun too! This morning they unveiled their new home-shirt.

It’s only been two years since Nike took responsibility for AS Roma shirts. Now they are ready with their third shot at a shirt for the Roman warriors. And on top of generally just looking very stylish, then the new AS Roma shirt has a discrete little detail, which I’m pretty hyped by.

The 2016/17 Roma shirt is made with small horizontal stripes, but the entire design is broken up diagonally across the shirt. The inspiration for this comes from the Colosseums aesthetic appearance. The asymmetrical cut is exactly the same, as the way the Colosseum is viewed from its most popular angle and I think that makes for a very nice twist on the simple Roma shirt.

You can buy the new AS Roma shirt from the 7th of July.