Joltter's first impression of the PUMA evoTOUCH


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Joltter is back to give his first impressions of PUMA’s new evoTOUCH. Watch along here, when he shares some of his knowledge on the new innovation from the Germans.

evoTOUCH has shocked us back into life, as we struggled to come to terms with EURO16 being over. The newest boot from PUMA has bucketloads of potential and I genuinely can’t wait to try them out for myself. With plenty of technology and performance enhancing details, the evoTOUCH could very well be a gamechanger.

You can buy the brand new PUMA evoTOUCH, if you click this link.

And Joltter doesn’t look like he disagrees. In fact, he was so impressed by the new PUMA evoTOUCH he had to test the new rumour that you could use them without sock and inlay sole. Basically PUMA say that the evoKNIT, which is fitted throughout the entire boot, is so soft and comfortable, that you don’t really need socks on. This statement is further enforced by the GripTex technology that has been implemented in the sock.

Lots of new stuff to take you through - click the video at the top of the blog and hear, what Joltter thinks of the new evoTOUCH.

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