adidas present: Real Madrid home and away-shirt 2016/17


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Real Madrid are without a doubt one of the football clubs in the world with most historic moments. This is the history that adidas were inspired by, when they set about designing the new Real Madrid shirts for next season.

There is no doubt that Real Madrid are a proud club. That is in no small part thanks to the successful foundation that the club stands on. With the presentation of the Real Madrid 2016/17 shirt and Real Madrid Away-shirt, adidas underline just how much history the king club has.

adidas have for that reason made the white tone on the new Real Madrid shirt slightly darker than usual. They have done so to give a feeling of the darker shirts, which were produced in cotton and and therefore didn’t have the same clean white colour we know today. A nice touch on the Real Madrid home-shirt, which apart from that comes in an elegant design without too much fuss.

The new Real Madrid shirts can be bought from today right here.

The away-shirt was designed in exactly the same purple tone that was used for the first time back in 1932, as a symbol of Castile. For me personally, I can’t help think of Michael Laudrup running around in almost the same design. So as you can imagine, I’m a pretty big fan of the design.