Umbro with new colours for their Control/Speed combo boot


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

In February Umbro introduced their newest silo to the market: Medusæ Pro. A boot that combines leather and synthetic. See the newest colourway update here.

We have football boots for fast feet, football boots for the technicians, boots for the tough work horse. But it’s not everyday you get a football boot made for all three. That is however exactly what Umbro have done with their Medusæ Pro. It is an attempt at fusing lightweight with control.

That’s why the front foot, with its soft k-leather upper, gives a touch on the ball that very few materials can match. The entire midfoot and heel area is on the other hand made from a mesh, which keeps the weight low, while an A-frame construction gives the necessary support.

In other words, if you think of yourself as a pretty swift player, who has a majestic touch on the ball, then you not only think very highly of yourself, but the Umbro Medusæ is the boot for you.

Get the newest Umbro Medusæ football boot colourway here