"How would the foot have looked like, if it was created to play football?"


Written by Jonathan Baez

The football boots of today have become much more than just a shoe with studs on them. There is an entire science behind it and the Magista Obra 2 is a perfect example of that.

Even though it's been two years since Nike first presented the Magista Obra, it's hard to imagine the time before football boots with socks. Because of the very intuitive construcution, it didn't take long for us all to embrace the somewhat weird looking boot and perceive it as something that has always been there.

It wasn’t an evolution of Magista 1. We really thought about how the foot work and how the foot would’ve evolved if it’s sole purpose was to play football, Phil Woodman, Nike Football Designer.

The Magista Obra 2 is the evolution, or more precisely the redefinition, of the boot that started the whole revolution. And what result too! If you want my opinion the Magista Obra 2 comes close to the best thing I've ever worn in my life!

During the EURO's in France this summer, we got an exclusive chance to chat with some of the people behind the new Obra 2, Max Blau and Phil Woodman. In this interview, they gave us some insight into the thoughts and research that created the foundation for the boot. Click on the video above and see the entire interview.

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