Manchester United inspired by the devil on the new third shirt


Written by Mathias

Manchester United are a club with a strong working culture and "never say die" attitude. A devilish stubbornness, which now inspires the third shirt.

The common theme for all adidas’ third shirts can be found around the shoulders. Every shirt design is made with a predominantly simple design, which has then been given a bit of spice around the sleeves. Every pattern is a reference back to a characteristic feature in the club.

If there is one thing that Manchester United are famous for, then it is first and foremost their club crest. The pitchfork held by the devil in the logo is where adidas got their inspiration from, when creating the pattern on the new Manchester Uniteds third shirt. (I'm going to have to level with you here guys and say I don't quite see the connection - but that is what adidas tell us)...

Hand in hand with the presentation of the new third shirt, adidas have also presented a short video, which you can see at the top of the blog.

You can now buy your new Manchester United shirt right here.