Liverpool third shirt 16/17 | It's kinda crazy, but kinda sick too


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

New Balance have been seriously on point with the Liverpool shirts this season, this one will divide opinion to a higher degree though. Get a look at the new third strip.

The Liverpool away-shirt for the 16/17 season is among my top 10 best looking kits this summer and the home-shirt is with its classic design also very decent too. What they definitely have in elegance, they do however kinda lack in controversy and just in case some Liverpool fans wanted a bit of flair next season, New Balance now present the Liverpool 16/17 third shirt. Yowzers, it’s colourful…

Sometimes a bit of colour is what you need on a shirt and I could definitely see the combination sitting very well with a lot of Liverpool fans. That’s also why, even though this design is not really my type of thing, I’ll actually note this down as another win for New Balance, who make it three for three this season with Liverpool.

If you could see yourself rocking the new Liverpool 16/17 third shirt, then you can find it right here.