The best defenders wear the Nike Elite Pack Tiempo Legend


Written by Mathias

While Ronaldinho made the Tiempo Legend immortal, the silo has now evolved into a modern defenders boot. It is worn by the absolute backline elite!

11 players have been chosen to play in the Elite Pack. And with the Tiempo, Nike probably have the strongest centre-backs in the game. Varane, Pique and the world’s best central defender Jerome Boateng.

The Tiempo Legend 6 is Nike’s most classic football boot, with a history dating back to the beginning of the nineties. The leather upper makes it forever a classic and you can be absolutely sure that this boot is not one Nike will meddle too much with in the future.

The best defenders on the planet now keep the boots legacy alive and it says something about the players wearing it that Sergio Ramos is not even part of the defence.

You can find the new Nike Tiempo Legend Elite Pack right here.