Nike Anti-Clog | No more struggles on muddy surfaces


Written by Jonathan Baez

A couple of months ago Nike introduced us to an impressive technology that we just 6 months ago, probably never would’ve believed possible. Now it’s here and it can be yours.

To imagine a football boot that doesn’t get clogged up with dirt and mud is nearly impossible. At least that was my opinion just earlier this year. But then Nike presented a new innovation that has put my perspective to shame. Because with their newest technology, the Nike Anti-Clog, Nike have found the key to solving a problem that has been a headache for decades.

Now you can get the new Anti-Clog boots in the Spark Brilliance design, but let me first explain what this technology actually means.

Get the new Anti-Clog boots right here.


To understand how this technology actually works, almost requires a Ph.d. in physics, so I will avoid going into too much detail about how Nike actually made this possible. Instead I will focus on the fact that this Anti-Clog technology ensures that your boots are never weighed down by mud clogging on the soleplate.

If this innovation works, and according to several tests over a long period of time, it does, it means that a problem we have been struggling with for decades is no longer an issue. Now you can actually maintain perfect traction, even when rain has turned the pitch into a muddy battlefield. Naturally this also means that the new Anti-Clog boots comes with SG studs (Soft Ground).

You can always recognize the Anti-Clog boots by the the unique Nike Anti-Clog Traction hexagon mark on the heel.

This innovation is pretty mind blowing, even if it is not the sexiest element to a football boot. However, this is an innovation that will instantly improve your ability to deliver better performances, so if you play in countries where it rains a lot, this would definitely be something for you.

From today you can get the new Anti-Clog boots in the Spark Brilliance design. You can purchase them right here. Note that the boots are only available in Magista, Tiempo and Hypervenom.

In the video below you can hear from JayMike, who explains the technology and gives an example of it in action.