The curious case of Barcelona and the Magista | Old guns vs. young guns


Written by Mathias

The second generation of Nike Magista has been around for a few months, and as with new models of Nike boots, players face a choice between sock or no sock.

There is no better sample group of what players go for, than the Barcelona first team squad, of which a whopping 9 out of the 25 first team players wear Nike Magista. They have all been presented with the choice this summer of going for either Nike Magista Obra 2 or Nike Magista Opus 2. The boots the players picked presented a pretty funny trend of young vs. old.

Now choosing a football boot is all down to preference, and it doesn’t have anything to do with age. However, it’s quite telling that the older Barcelona players have all moved away from wearing the Magista Obra and the trademark sock. While the younger generation are all going for the Dynamic Fit Collar version. To illustrate just how large the gap is, no player above the age of 24 plays in the Obra and Sergio Busquets is the youngest Opus-stalwart, at the age of 28.

Where do you fit in? Are you young and prefer the Nike Magista Obra 2 too? Or do you break the mould and don’t enjoy the Dynamic Fit Collar design? Let us know at the bottom of the page.

Nike Magista Opus 2:

- Sergio Busquets (28 years) - Nike Magista Opus 2

- Arda Turan (29 years) - Nike Magista Opus 2

- Iniesta (32 years) - Nike Magista Opus 2

- Mascherano (32 years) - Nike Magista Opus 2

Nike Magista Obra 2:

- Denis Suarez (22 years) - Nike Magista Obra 2

- Samper (21 years) - Nike Magista Obra 2

- Sergi Roberto (24 years) - Nike Magista Obra 2

- André Gomes (23 years) - Nike Magista Obra 2

- Umtiti (22 years) - Nike Magista Obra 2