PUMA evoSPEED He | 200 pairs of the lightest match boot ever released


Written by Mathias

Doing it again! PUMA are ready to make the lightest even lighter, as they introduce the one-of-a-kind evoSPEED He. Naturally with another new take on the Tricks design too.

The new boot is another leap forward for PUMA, who have somehow managed to make the world’s lightest match-ready boot even lighter. The evoSPEED He is inspired by the elements and more specifically helium. Helium is the second lightest element in the known universe, which makes it the ideal link to PUMA’s evoSPEED silo. Hydrogen is the lightest, but you can understand why PUMA didn’t call it the evoSPEED H - just sounds plain silly. Plus, associating your products with hydrogen just isn't a great idea after the Hindenburg.

PUMA evoSPEED He will only be made available in 200 pairs worldwide, but although the boot will be very tricky to get your hands on, it still stands as proof of the constantly developing evolution of both the evoSPEED silo and the Tricks design. Together with the very eye-catching shine-through cage the dual-coloured Tricks look makes for an intense visual expression.

If you want to get your hands on the PUMA evoSPEED He, then you can order it right here!