Unisport Top 10 | The best football shirts this summer!


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

The 2016/17 football season has pretty much started everywhere now and all the brands have released new kits for their teams. Some a decent, some are awful and some are great. We focus on the great ones and count down our favourites here.

Putting together our top ten list was no easy task, because everyone has their own opinions, but a group of us have worked hard to find some we can all agree on. We are a controversial bunch, so there are definitely some of the choices that will divide opinion, but all due preference. One thing we all agreed on though was the number one!

Football shirts this summer have very much been divided into two groups - the classic and simple designs and the radical and very different looks. We have a bit of both, and before you call us crazy, we would like to defend our choice of the Norwich and Freiburg shirts - they have style!

See the top 10 list below and let us know on Facebook if you agree with our choices!