Top 5 | Most exciting signings this summer


Written by Mathias

The transfer window is slammed shut and it’s fair to say it was another eventful summer. I have taken a look at the most interesting and exciting signings. See my top five here.

I’ve based this blog on how exciting I feel the signings are, and although you might strongly disagree with the choices, well I don’t care… My list is not a list of the biggest signings, because you all know who they are… Don’t necessarily expect to see Mkhitaryan, Zlatan and Higuain here. Here is my list of most exciting transfers.

    - Breel Donald Embolo (Basel -----> Schalke 04)

I included this guy in my list of players to watch at EURO 16 and unfortunately I ended up looking a bit silly for that, because he was fairly “meh”. I still have faith though and I’m actually very excited to see how he does in a much stronger league, than the Swiss. He is a monster in FIFA in any case and quite frankly that’s all I need to know. (Expert analysis).

    N’golo Kanté (Leicester City ------> Chelsea)

N’Golo Kanté is 25 years old and I don’t think I need to tell you how impressive he was last season. He is coming to the time in his career, where players tend to peak and it will be intriguing to follow his development at Chelsea. He is definitely no Claude Makelele, but he still puts in a shift.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg (Bayern Munich -----> Southampton)

What can I say, I’m Danish and this transfer is a big deal. He seems to have been around forever and I think that might be why people forget he is only 21! He is absolutely perfect for the Premier League and has already started his Southampton career brightly. I could imagine they make a lot of money of him, when they sell him in a couple of years.

    Mario Balotelli (Liverpool -----> Nice)

Alright, I know this is pretty controversial, but I think it’s a good signing. It’s not his second chance, it’s not his third or even his fourth chance, but it’s certainly his last chance. Mario Balotelli has to do well at Nice or his career is effectively over. Fun to watch!

Paul Pogba (Juventus -----> Manchester United)

Come on, you thought I wasn’t gonna include Pogba? He has to be the most interesting signing this summer and that’s just the way it is. Unlike Zlatan, who has already proven he has what it takes, Pogba has looked a little more shaky. It’s impossible to predict how he will do and I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

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