PUMA third shirts 2021/22 | Special designs for the biggest PUMA clubs in Europe


Written by Sandra

PUMA are ready with their take on what seems to be the craziest third shirts in Europe for the 2021/22-season. And PUMA are not just launching one shirt - naaahh, they are revealing multiple shirts at once. So we got a lot to talk about - Let’s go!

PUMA’s third kits for the 2021/22-season take a totally fresh look at branding and logo placement. PUMA are, according to themselves, reinventing how a football shirt can be designed and the approach to this design is inspired by the brand’s DNA and drive to push sport forward.

But why are the new shirts so special? Well, PUMA are offering new shirt designs that put the club’s name front and center - and with no crests in focus. And on top of that are each shirt produced in a process that drastically reduces the amount of water and dye used during the coloring process. Last but not least - they are set to be worn during European competitions only. So these shirts are very special indeed!

Well, we got a lot of shirts to dive into. So let’s kick it off with ‘I Rossoneri’.

AC Milan third shirt 2021/22

AC Milan’s third shirt is of course black and red - just like the home shirt. But as mentioned above, the new PUMA third shirts are designed with the club's name across the chest and replacing the club’s crest. Therefore you’ll find a big lettering with “AC MILAN” across the chest. On top of that you’ll see the famous PUMA cat. And if you look closely enough, you can actually see that PUMA has incorporated the club crest in a vague grey on the front and the sleeves. In the back of the neck, you’ll find the club’s crest as well.

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Olympique Marseille third shirt 2021/22

Moving onto PUMA’s biggest club in France: Olympique Marseille. Les Phocéens are also getting a great looking third shirt for the new season. It will arrive in a stunning blue colour base, and will have the lettering “Marseille” on the front with straight lines above and beneath the lettering. Just like the AC Milan shirt. The lettering is in white and the stripes are light blue - and the same goes for the PUMA logo in the center of the shirt.

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Borussia Mönchengladbach third shirt 2021/22

Moving on to a traditional German club - the one and only Borussia Mönchengladbach. Or in short: Gladbach or Borussia. The latter is what PUMA have chosen for the lettering on the front. The lettering is painted in green, while the stripes are white. And the base is of course black. That makes the club’s name stand out a lot - and we think it looks nice! Once again - if you look closely enough, you can find the club’s crest in a vague grey, creating a pattern on the shirt. Besides the PUMA logo on the front, you will also find white PUMA-logos one the sleeves.

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Valencia third shirt 2021/22

PUMA are of course also sponsoring a Spanish team - and that is Los murciélagos (in English; The Bats). Valencia will get a crazy shirt, where the base is blue and the details are orange and white. So this third shirt does not look like the home shirt’s colours, which has been the case for the other third shirts. But besides that - it is similar to the other third shirts, in terms of the shirt will feature the club’s name on the front and club crest as a subtle pattern. And this time, you’ll find orange details on the collarbones and sleeves.

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PSV Eindhoven third shirt 2021/22

Last season’s runners-up in the Netherlands’ Eredivisie will also get a cool new third shirt. We are of course talking about PSV Eindhoven. Just as Valencia’s third shirt, PSV’s third shirt’s colours don't match the home shirt’s colours. Instead of being red and white, this third shirt is launching in a minty green. With dark blue details, this shirt might be our favourite out of all these third shirts, because it is so special. Just as third shirts are meant to be.

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Manchester City third shirt 2021/22

Last but not least - we got PUMA’s number one club. We are of course referring to the champions of the Premier League and runners-up in the Champions League; Manchester City. The blue part of Manchester will get a stunning dark blue shirt. The details are either white or light blue, like the home shirt. On the front it will say “Man City” in light blue, with the lines above and beneath the same colour. The PUMA logo is white. And of course the rather new Manchester City crest is featured in the neck and as a subtle pattern on the front.

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