adidas Equipment Pack | Celebrating 30 years of EQT


Written by Sandra

Since the 90’s adidas have had their Equipment line and this year they are celebrating 30 years of EQT. We have seen multiple third shirts this season, inspired by the EQT line and now it is time for some more celebration. Read about it here!

adidas are celebrating three decades of iconic Equipment style in 2021 with 4 footwear pieces and an apparel collection to match. Celebrating with the colours of the bespoke collection adidas gives us 3 Predator boots, an amazing 4D trainer and an apparel collection. A Predator Freak +, a low-cut Predator Freak.1 as well as a 4D adidas Predator EQT Accelerator Trainer. The Predator EQT pack is not a direct remake. All boots have a fresh design in the classic EQT colours - white, black and green.

Predator Equipment Pack

The Predator Freak boots combined a white upper with three black adi’ stripes and green spikes. And all three boots have a green/silver soleplate, from front to back. Each boot also has the famous adidas Equipment logo on. The Predator Freak + and Freak .3 have the logo placed in the back of the heel area and the Freak .1 has it placed above the laces.

As mentioned above, this is not all that we are getting this time. But let us just enjoy the boots for a second and then you can scroll down to read more about the apparel collection that follows.

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Equipment apparel

If it was not enough with 3 boots to wear on pitch, adidas also made sure that there was something for off pitch. In the footwear section adi’ made a 4D trainer, also known as a sneaker. Besides that, there is also some cool clothing - everything from a training jacket, pants to a t-shirt. Complete the EQT look with a boot, trainer and apparel! Check out the apparel collection below!

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