Unisport Scholarship | Let us help make your football dream come true


Written by Sandra

Today Unisport launches the ‘Unisport Scholarship’. It aims to help enthusiasts make the world a better place through football. On the occasion of the new scholarship, Unisport is also launching the documentary “Bigger than Football”. The mini-documentary is about football entrepreneur and coach Nagin Ravand.

Do you have a football dream you want to make true? Then you might be eligible for the new Unisport Scholarship which is designed to help individuals to act on their ideas to make a positive impact in their communities.

Unisport Scholarship

The Unisport Scholarship program is designed to provide anyone with the opportunity to apply for funding for their project to make the world a better place through football. The funding can be in various ways depending on the project needs, either through necessary financial support, helpful professional advice or access to Unisport's vast social media reach of over 6 million followers globally. Anyone can apply for the scholarship and all projects are considered - as long as they make a difference for others.

“Unisport Scholarship is about the passion, the project and the desire to make a positive impact through football. With the Unisport Scholarship, we would like to pay tribute to voluntary work, and give a helping hand to those who dream of making the world a better place through football” - Michael Burk, CEO of Unisport.


About Unisport Scholarship

- The target group for the Unisport Scholarship is applicants who seek support to realize projects that create a positive impact through football.

- The support depends on the nature of the project. This may involve financial support, coaching and/or marketing.

- In addition, Unisport will lend it’s channels to supported projects, to create awareness and secure new partners, and Nagin Ravand will make herself available as a mentor.

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The first recipient of a sponsorship and newly appointed ambassador for Unisport Scholarship is the Danish football player and coach Nagin Ravand, who came to Denmark from Afghanistan as a 3-year-old. Today, Unisport launches the mini-documentary ‘Bigger than Football’, which tells the incredible story of Nagin Ravand. Read more about the documentary below.

Purpose Documentary Part 4: Bigger than Football

Nagin Ravand is 21 years old and she is a student and a part time coach. She created a female football club in Brabrand, Denmark. She changed not only the mindset of “Girls don’t play football”, she also made the biggest inflow of new members being female. From 0 members to 40 in only 3 years.

“Football is everywhere, everyone has seen it and everyone has felt it. From the west to the third world countries. It gathers people to circle around the ball, which becomes the bridge to many people's happiness [...] Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” - Nagin Ravand

In 2020 Nagin won Planbørnefondens Girl Award. An award that is given to a person, organization or company that does an extraordinary effort for gender equality. Take a look at her amazing story in the video below.