Football boots for artificial grass | Everything about AG football boots


Written by Andreas

If you’re playing on artificial turf regularly, you should definitely consider switching your FG boots for a pair of football boots for artificial grass. Here we take a look at what AG football boots are and why you need them - most importantly to play safe!

FG vs AG vs SG? Football boots studs explained

Have you often read the abbreviations FG, SG, or AG and wondered what the difference really was? Basically, the acronyms stand for Firm Ground (FG), Soft Ground (SG) and Artificial Grass (AG) and describe the construction of your sole/studs.

Where FG boots are developed for standard grass pitches with a firm structure and the SG is for wet and soft grass, the AG studs are designed to give you the best and safest movability on artificial grass pitches.

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Should I get football boots for artificial grass?

If you find yourself playing on AG turfs on a regular basis, then the answer is a resounding yes! Why? Because A: boot warranty and B: more importantly, injury prevention!

Football boots for artificial grass are equipped with short conical AG studs to allow you to move more smoothly through the artificial ground thus minimizing the risk of nasty injuries. Furthermore, the hollow construction of the AG studs diminishes the hard shocks through your joints you would get from regular FG boots.

Can I wear FG boots on artificial grass ?

Most of us have probably made this mistake without even knowing that it’s actually really dangerous to do. The thing is, FG boots have too much grip to play safely on AG pitches. FG studs are longer and often have a bladed pattern which is especially risky for your body.

Because there is so much grip, the FG boots can stay stuck in the ground, preventing your foot from moving while your ankle or knee twists. This is especially risky in those sharp movements where your joints are more exposed to injuries.

So what about FG boots with a conical stud pattern? While it is definitely safer than bladed studs, there is again that little thing called warranty. FG boots are not built for AG turfs why they will wear up much faster which is why your warranty gets nullified. On the other hand, AG football boots perform far better on artificial grass because the material is developed specifically to withstand the rough friction from AG pitches.

What goes for SG boots it’s pretty simple: it’s the biggest no go in football boot history!

Now some of you have probably worn FG boots on AG pitches with no problems whatsoever. And yes you can, but it is a bit like riding your bike without a helmet. So if you want to stay on the safe side you should probably ditch the FG boots and wear football boots for artificial grass instead

During the last decade, the number of artificial grass pitches has increased rapidly, making AG football boots more popular as people begin to realize their massive benefits. We hope this short guide gives you some clarity as to why a pair of football boots for artificial grass is a worthy investment and why you shouldn’t use FG or SG on artificial pitches.