Ready for the small courts? Nike icon makes a comeback!


Written by William

Be ready for indoor season and street football with the amazing Streetgato in a new and updated version!

It’s important to have the best gear when you show off your best skills. And now you have the chance to combine both cool design and technology when you nutmeg your opponent. Nike are back with new shoes that can be used for indoor and street as well. And we are going welcome back a modern classic from 2011.

We’re talking about the Nike Streetgato which has got an update to be ready for 2021. As the name suggests, it’s made for the streets but can also be used for the fast paced indoor football. The colours are playful and it appeals to both football fans and players that are into the 5-a-side world.

The upper is made with suede to give you as much comfort as possible while also making sure you have a nice grip on the ball so that you can show your opponent who’s in charge. The outsole has a new design. It’s more grippy. This will ensure a perfect grip on the surface so all that you need to focus on is your fast dribbles and sharp turns.

Nike Streetgato will be available at Unisport in two different colourways - one version with a black upper and white outsole. It has a pretty cool touch with its big, grey Swoosh as well. The other version is a bit more colourful. It has white upper with black and blue details which also includes the blue Swoosh. The laces are in a minty green. The very cool detail here is the outsole which is made in a classic gumsole colour but with small, colourful sprinkles all around. Pretty cool touch to finish off a pretty cool shoe!

You can cop the Nike Streetgato at Unisport right here