adidas Edge of Darkness | Kicking off 2022 with beautiful black boots


Written by Sandra

adidas launches new colourways for X Speedflow and Copa Sense. They are painted in an almighty black with subtle details of red, white and blue. Get to know them by keeping on reading.

We are just a few days into 2022 and we are already getting spoiled with new football boots from adidas. The German brand loves to launch new black packs. Last year adi dropped Superstealth and Escapelight. And now it is time for new beautiful black boots. Say ‘Hi’ to Edge of Darkness.

adidas Edge of Darkness

adidas Edge of Darkness are for those who are ready to conquer 2022, but without any unnecessary spotlight and attention. The boots are predominantly black, which gives a luxurious vibe. But they are not completely black. You are still able to find details of blue, red and white on the boots of Edge of Darkness. Talking about the boots, let’s dive into the two silos, which are a part of the Edge of Darkness pack: adidas Copa Sense and X Speedflow.

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adidas Copa Sense

adidas Copa Sense is made for those players who want to control the ball and for those who have that extra finesse and technique on the ball. We are talking about players like Paulo Dybala, Pedri and Thiago Alcantara and João Félix. Whichever type of player you find yourself, adidas Copa Sense Edge of Darkness is perfect for you.

Like mentioned above Edge of Darkness is colouring Copa Sense in a classy black colourway with details of white, red and blue. These little color details are found on the heel of the boot, where wavy lines of the three colours occur. And as a little something extra, you are able to find two blue studs on the soleplate.

If you choose adidas Copa Sense Edge of Darkness, you’ll get a boot which provides unsurpassed comfort. On top of that you’ll find the innovative Sense and Touchpods, as well as circular and semicircular knobs. Every little detail is made for you to take your game to the next level and unluck your senses.

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adidas X Speedflow

Looking for speed? Then you have to choose the adidas X Speedflow Edge of Darkness. Players such as Salah, Benzema and Messi have adidas X Speedflow as their preferred football boot. Do we have to say more?

Now the adidas X Speedflow are arriving in an underplayed, but extremely fast colourway as a part of the Edge of Darkness pack. The upper is predominantly black as stated above. But the small details of red, black and white are to be found around the three stripes on the side, as well as in the adidas logo on the upper. And you’ll actually find a black and white soleplate. To be honest - we are quite stunned by the coolness of this X Speedflow.

If you are thinking about getting a pair of adidas X Speedflow Edge of Darkness, then here is some extra info that might convince you even more. adidas X Speedflow are made in a lightweight construction and are equipped with an ultralight and flexible upper. And the heel is made of a 3D-molded structure, which gives you a stable fit. Last but not least it has an optimized knob system, which is perfect for accelerating quickly and beating your opponent.

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adidas are kicking off 2022 with a big bang. Brand new colourways and we are only a few days into 2022. We can’t wait to see what else they have in line for 2022. Only time will tell…

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