Nike Tiempo Pirlo | The world's most interesting football boots


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

If there is a man in the world of football, for whom it would be a shame to retire without a Nike signature boot, then it’s Andrea Pirlo. Well, here it is…

Ronaldinho, Totti and now Andrea Pirlo. Only the best of the best, get a dedicated football boot in their and the Tiempo silo’s honour. With the name Tiempo Pirlo Nike have designed a pair of football boots for THE feinschmecker, inspired by one of his biggest passions: Wine.

The story is built on Andrea Pirlo’s childhood, which was spent collecting grapes at the local winyard. His own family later opened their own winyard called Pratum Collor, which still exists to this day.

Get your Nike Tiempo Pirlo football boots from the 19th of September. Sign up here and be among the first to get them.

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The boot colour is naturally inspired by red wine and specifically the grape tone merlot. And things only get even cooler, when you look inside the boots, where the inlay sole is made from original cork with “Aged since 94” (Comes with a normal inlay sole, so you can actually play in them).

The four stars are a reference back to Pratum Collor’s logo and naturally also the four World Cup titles that Italy have won, with Pirlo playing a major part in the latest one in 2006.

This is the most interesting signature boot I have seen in a long time, but then again - Pirlo is the most interesting man alive…

Should you want to play with the new boots on indoor courts instead of grass, then the new allegria leather boots will also be available in an IC version. Nike making sure they tick off all the right boxes with this one!