Nike Shadow Pack | Read more about the new blackout boots


Written by Sandra

We are in 2022 and we all need a black boot - and Nike got our back! Step out of the shadows and unfold with the completely new Shadow Pack - Let us take a look at it!

The new blackout boots from Nike will be the main inline pack for 2022. The latest colourway we saw from Nike was Blueprint which is very colourful with blue and orange colours. But now it is time to lift up the classics with a black boot. And who does not love a black boot? It fits every kit.

Nike Shadow Pack

The Shadow Pack will mainly be black, of course, but it will also be gold and grey and let us just say it now - this will be the colours of the season!

Black is a very strong colour and at the moment, it is probably stronger than ever - you will stand out on the pitch even though your boots is black. It has a very strong look and especially the Mercurial boots with its new design. We can only say one thing; Eye-candy.

Just take a look at the boots yourself and you will understand what we mean.

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