Women's EURO 2022 | New launch from adidas


Written by Sandra

It is finally here - the Women’s EURO 2022. It got postponed from last year to this year and we cannot wait for the tournament to begin. Let us have a successful football summer once again!


The new WMS collection brings all adidas federations together with the aim to help to protect our planet whenever we can. Accordingly our main focus for the EURO 2022 is on sustainability and results in fabrics and trims which are 100% recycled.

To help with achieving another successful football summer, adidas are preparing us for the tournament with both home and away shirts for 4 different national teams at Women’s EURO 2022. The awesome detail this time is actually, that there will be made a female fit as usual, but the new thing is actually that there also will be a unisex fit - so these shirts are not only for the girls, but also for the men!

This collection brings all adidas federations together with the aim to protect our planet whenever they can. To do that, adidas have focused on sustainability, which results in 100% recycled fabrics used on these shirts. This consist of plastic bottles collected from the beaches around the world and the colours are also consolidated to create less waste. But hey - let us take a look at them and let us start off with Sweden.


One of the bigger national teams, Sweden are going for the classic look. The home shirt comes in yellow with blue details, with their crest in the middle of the chest. The blue details are shown on and around the shoulder area and the adidas logo is also blue. The collar is actually blue, with a yellow ‘curly’ line going through it- The shorts are vice versa - blue with yellow details. Very simple and classic look. The away shirt has more details on it, if you look closely enough. The shirt shifts the colours and is mainly blue with yellow details. The details can be seen on the shoulders where the three adidas stripes are yellow and the same goes for the adidas logo on the chest. The shirt has wavy details on the front, also in blue. The away shorts are yellow with blue details.

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The national shirts for Germany are very similar to Sweden - the home shirt being really classic and simple and the away shirt having a little more design. The home shirt comes in white and black and has details resembling their flag. The flag is seen on the sleeves and on the collar. Their crest is placed in the middle of the chest, same goes for the adidas logo and last but not least, two stars. The two stars are proof of winning two World Cups in 2003 and 2007. Germany’s away shirts come in a likewise design, as Sweden. The colour of the shirt is blue/green with white details. Also very simple.

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As the other to countries mention above, the Belgium home shirt is very simple and classic. The shirt is actually just the same colours as their flag - mainly black, with red and yellow details. It does not get any simpler than that. The red details can be seen on the sleeves and the collar and the yellow details can be seen on the shoulders, together with the adidas logo on the chest. To complete the home shirt - their beautiful crest is placed in the middle, right below the adidas logo. There is also an away shirt for Belgium, but we will only be selling the home shirt at Unisport.

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And last, but not least Spain. Another really classic shirt that screams Spain with its colours. The shirt is overall red and has navy blue and yellow details. The navy blue details are seen on the collar and on the sleeves, mixed with both yellow and red details. The rest of the yellow details are seen on the three stripes on the shoulders, on the adidas logo and the crest on the chest. The away shirt has the wavy design just like the others, but this comes in a light blue with navy blue details - making their crest both light and navy blue.

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