When Nike designers get free reigns | AS Roma and Inter third shirts


Written by Mathias

With the opening rounds of European fixtures drawing close, Nike have started unveiling their third shirts. Inter and AS Roma are first up and they are available from the 22nd of September.

The last few years Nike have been running a common theme for all of their clubs, but obviously with different colours, when designing shirts for the teams they sponsor. This year the design-theme is seriously flashy and when combined with the equally crazy colour combinations, then you have a pretty blinding kit.

The AS Roma third shirt is made with tones of orange, which go from classic orange on the shorts to a more rouge tone up top. The Inter Milan third shirt is made in an interesting gradua shift from green to blue.

You can buy the 3. thirds right here on the 22nd September.

It is usually on the club third shirts that the designers really let their creative juices flow, and well they sure did here. I’m honestly not sure what to think, because although my initial reaction is a little to the negative side, I just know that there is a very real chance that they will grow on me. The Nike 3. shirts last season certainly did, so I’ll hold off judging them until I see them in action...