Bayern Munich home shirt 22/23 | adidas' first club shirt launch this season


Written by Sandra

The 21/22 season is almost over which means that the 22/23 season is close - and that means NEW SHIRTS! Something that we look forward to every year. And this is adidas’ first launch of a 22/23 shirt. Let us have a look at it!

Bayern München home shirt 22/23

The new Bayern Munich shirt is pushing the edges of the expectations by bringing back the red and white shirt in a completely different way. The shirt features a one of a kind striped design on the front. This time with white stripes instead of red stripes, as we saw on the 21/22 home shirt. The white stripes on the new shirts come in different sizes and look a little bit like a barcode.

Another special thing to notice is the colour of the shirt. adidas are bringing back the most traditional red that we know from Bayern. The new red colour on the shirt is very similar to the 00/01 home shirt where Bayern won the Champions League. Really eye-catching. Beside the different stripe design and the traditional red colour, the adidas logo has also gotten an upgrade. The logo comes in white with a black line all the way around it, which makes the logo pop out a little more - very nice detail.

Take a look at the new Bayern Munich shirt below

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