PUMA x Unisport Barbershop | Fresh, sharp & unique


Written by Christian

Unisport and PUMA are partnering up for the sixth with this new fresh collaboration. Inspired by the barbershop culture, the rotating barber’s pole and always staying sharp - these boots are for the players wanting to be unique while still being true to themselves. Take a look at these Limited Edition boots - and see if you can spot the references.

PUMA x Unisport Barbershop

Shop the Limited Edition PUMA x Unisport Barbershop here

PUMA and Unisport have teamed up for yet another boots collaboration, putting it in a long line of unique and limited football boots. But these are a little different than what you might have seen before. Taking inspiration from your local barbershop, inspired by the barber’s pole in bright red, blue and white, these boots are what makes football so great - the culture.

Having a barber's pole on your feet is something we don’t see every day. Even more unique is the stripe design on the boots. While most boots are just a mirror of each other, the boots design continues from one to another. This gives that infinity loop we just can’t get enough of. You don’t want to sleep on these.

No matter what, nothing is more important that staying true to yourself. Both on and off the pitch. These boots are for the originals - never wanting to never compromising on staying authentic. If that sounds right to you, these boots just might be for you. Have a look a the limited boots below.

Shop the Limited Edition PUMA x Unisport Barbershop here

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And staying true to yourself is not just for the field players. Staying unique and fresh is luckily also for the Goalkeepers. The PUMA x Unisport Barbershop also comes in a Ultra Grip 1 Hybrid Pro - and we actually think this might be one of the best glove release this year. Take a peak below.

Shop the Limited Edition PUMA x Unisport Barbershop gloves here