Puma x Unisport 'Sakura' | From Japan to you


Written by Aron

PUMA and Unisport have released yet another collaboration. This one have taken inspiration from Japanese culture and the beauty of cherry blossoms or “Sakura” as they say in the “Country of Sunrise”. Playing with these boots represent optimism and growth. Take a look at these Limited Edition - and get inspired to grow with optimism

PUMA x Unisport Sakura

PUMA and Unisport have teamed up for their seventh(!) boots collaboration and this just shows that we are raising the bar once more. We’ve taken the chance to design the first pair of PUMA Ultras with ‘white’ as the main color and to that we’ve taken the inspiration of Japan and their Cherry blossom which is their national flower and the meaning behind are “growth and positivity” - which also is what Unisport symbolize.

Running around with Cherry blossoms on your feet is not something you see everyday. An unique design and with the first ever white PUMA Ultra 1.4 you can really stand out from the crowd and show your growth together with positivity. Take a look at the stunning PUMA x Unisport boots below.

And just like with Barbershop - this one is for the keepers as well. The Ultra Grip 1 Hybrid Pro comes in a cherry blossom collarway, and we sure never seen nothing like it. Take and look down below - or be one of the few to get your hands on the Limited Edition Sakura Ultra Grip 1