PUMA Fastest Pack | Ultra Ultimate is here


Written by Christian

The new PUMA Ultra Ultimate is finally here. Not even you knew you could be this fast. With an brand new model of the Ultra the boot have been rebuilt for the ground up. Ditching the 1.5, the new boot is now called Ultimate - very fitting seeing this boot is ultimate fast.

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PUMA has reworked its Ultra, making it a completely new boot. And while the saying says ‘’if it ain't broke, don't fix it’’ PUMA has chosen to overhear that. Creating possibly the best ever speed boot, say hello to the all new Ultra Ultimate. This boot has everything that you love from the Ultra 1.4 - but with key updates. Learn everything about the new boot here.


The new Ultra Ultimate features the amazing Ultraweave. Do you love a soft and lightweight boot? If so the Ultra Ultimate checks the mark for you - this new Ultraweave material that we’ve also seen on their match shirts is very thin, but really soft in that pliable, very flexible way where it easily follows the shape of the foot. However, these boots are offering a very solid lockdown. With great stability in the reinforced areas on the boot, this is the perfect combination of speed and durability.


A thin upper means a sharp feel on the ball, but PUMA have added their PWRPrint texture to the mix as a bit of extra grip for the dribblers. It’s on par with the thinnest boots however it still feels super powerful when you strike the ball. You feel everything you do, and with the matte texture that’s well balanced and not as overly sticky. The Ultra Ultimate is way more balanced and more natural than its predecessor - you get grip but don’t think too much about it, which is a sign that it works as intended.

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If stability is more important than speed for you - the new Fastest Pack still got you covered. PUMA Future 1.4 will be the boot of players like Neymar, so you know that it will be scoring some stunning goals. Check them out in the gallery below!

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