PUMA Everyday | Milano coolness


Written by Alix

Unisport Everyday went with PUMA to Milano. Read more about the cool PUMA products - and see how to style football shirt!

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I Rossoneri

We went to Milano to explore the city with the newest PUMA lifestyle products, that has a strong sports heritage. With the city's great fashion culture combined with one of the most winning European football teams ever in AC Milan, this is the place where style and football melts together and becomes more.

We styled the I Rossoneri shirt with heritage PUMA product. Creating a old school vibe with a new shool twist. The epitome of Everyday cool!


The New T7Track top and pants, are a modern and updated take on the classic PUMA tracksuit. With a wider fit, heavier fabric and a “Tone in Tone” logo, zipper, and details, in contrast to the original T7, which have a white stribe on the sleeve and leg.

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