FC Barcelona Senyera | Catalonian pride


Written by Christian

Once again FC Barcelona is ready to show there Catalonian pride. With a shirt paying homage to the Senyera, the flag of Catalan, this shirt is modern while still paying to the heritage. Take a look at this unique shirt - and read about the story behind the shirt!

Throughout FC Barcelona 124 year old, they have always been closely connected to the fight and heritage of Catalonia.

Since the Club was founded, it has adopted a playing style and approach that symbolises being from Catalonia, inspiring and guiding young people. A club for everyone, it has become a meeting point for different people, cultures and countries, helping people to bond, while remaining true to its roots. A representative for Catalonia all over the World.

So whether you are from Catalonia, or somewhere else, show your Catalonian pride. This is not about a geographical area - this is about diversity, inclusivity, it is about accepting different cultures. It is about Seneyera.

But the FC Barcelona Senyera kit here!