adidas Jamaica 2023 Home & Away | First Jamaican three stripes


Written by Christian

The first ever adidas Jamaica shirt has just seen the light of day. Designed by the by British-born Jamaican designer Wales Bonner, this shirt is the perfect mix of fashion and football. Read and more about the unique shirt here!

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First spotted at Paris Fashion Week on January 17, 2023, this shirt made quiet and entrance on the most exclusive catwalk in the world. The world renowned British-born Jamaican designer Wales Bonner showed the unique and stylish shirts - and the internet when crazy!

The Home shirt is a truly unique and interesting take on the Jamaica shirt. With an overlapping V-neck collar and a 70s stribed design. However the most unique detail is in the Three Stripes and Jamaica crest - not quite centered, however a bit more centered than what we are used too. A small detail, but we absoloutly love it!

The story repeats it self in the Away shirt. With the same centered logos, this shirt is kept primarily in 'Night Brown'. With a classy detail on both shirt with the Wales Bonner on the neck, this is a strong contender for the best shirt release of 2023.

Buy the adidas Jamaica Home & Away shirt here!