Unisport YouTube | Celebrating 4 million subscribers


Written by Christian

4 million football fans can't be wrong - neither can 850 million views. Since 2009, Unisport have been making YouTube videos about boots, tutorials, meeting players like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, best hacks and much more. So join us celebrating this milestone and Make Football Dreams Come True

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With a passion for football and football gear, Unisport has always been striving to make the best, most authentic and informative content possible. Whether it is about which boot you should buy, how to cut your socks or how to hit that perfect knuckleball. Our YouTube channel has thereby always been the place to be, whether you want to deep dive on an innovation or are looking to improve yourself as a football player. And with 4 million subscribers, we appreciate each and everyone of you.

Everything at one place

So if you are not sure on which new boot to buy, check out our reviews on YouTube and get some valuable insights, before you gear up. You can of course also find numerous football skill tutorials - anything from cool freestyle moves to free-kick masterclasses.

Or do you wish to watch superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi talk about anything from football boots to their impact and legacy in the world of football? Then checkout our YouTube channel straight away, where you can find several exclusive Unisport-interviews with some of the best and most legendary players of all time. Many of them are also showcasing their skills on the pitch, while giving you key advice on different training techniques.

To celebrate ourselves and your commitment, we got a surprise for you… And we promise you do not want to miss out on this! Checkout JayMikes video or keep reading to find out what it is, and how you might win!

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At Unisport, we cherish each and everyone of our subscribers and viewers. Therefore we want to give something back, and let's just say - we got quite the prizes to do that. We always say “Make Football Dreams Come True”, and this is our chance to make yours come true.

3 winners will get 90 seconds each in one of our 3 stores to find as many things as they can carry. Whatever you can carry and put in a basket at the end of the 90 seconds, you get to keep. You want a pair of Mercurial, X Speedportal or Future Ultimate? Or maybe you want all three? What about a FC Barcelona shirt or maybe some Reusch goalkeeper gloves with that - well, be our guest. As long as you can carry it, it's all yours! And if this weren’t enough, JayMike, PWG or Boumé will be there to make you become a star for the day. So this is not only a chance to get all the football gear, you’ve ever dreamed of - this is your chance to be a Unisport host for a day. Get tips from one of our hosts, empty a Unisport Store and see yourself on our YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels. Sounds like a pretty nice opportunity, right?

But hey, that was 3 prizes - and we just hit 4 million subscribers. Let’s make it symmetric with a bonus prize, so we hit 4 prizes! One lucky subscriber will win a full football bag including a Training apparel set (Long Sleeve top, Short sleeve top, pants, baselayer, socks, shin pads) + a pair of boots of your own choice.

No matter who you support, no matter your position and no matter your size - we got everything your heart could ever wish for. So do not miss out on this one, we know you will regret it!

This is what Unisport is all about. Making Football Dreams Come True, having fun and enjoying football together. So good luck on winning one of these crazy prizes - and we will see you on YouTube. Thanks for watching!

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