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Written by Christian

In a world where challenges and obstacles can often hinder the dreams and aspirations of young people, there is an organization dedicated to making a difference. Sport4A/Future is a remarkable initiative that harnesses the power of sports to empower and uplift disadvantaged youth.

Founded by Simon Lionel, this organization is driven by a deep passion to help young individuals who have encountered significant physical, social, or mental difficulties. With a focus on comprehensive life development, Sport4A/Future is committed to creating positive change in local communities across the globe. In this article, we will explore the origins, mission, and transformative impact of Sport4A/Future, highlighting the incredible story of its founder and the remarkable projects they undertake.

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Making a change through sport

Simon Lionel, a 30-year-old visionary and founder of Sport4A/Future, possesses an unwavering dedication to supporting young people facing adversity. Over the years, Simon has worked closely with students who have grappled with various challenges, and their resilience and determination have deeply impacted him. Motivated by a desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of young individuals who have hit a wall or are on the verge of doing so, Simon embarked on a mission to create Sport4A/Future.

''If you put a football between us, we would have fellowship instantly'' - Simon Lionel, founder of Sport4A/Future.

At Sport4A/Future, the organization's core belief is that sports have an extraordinary ability to transform lives and uplift communities. With this belief as their guiding principle, Sport4A/Future strives to initiate sports projects in diverse corners of the world, generating social change and empowering young individuals. By introducing sports into their lives, Sport4A/Future aims to guide them away from unhealthy habits, relationships, and environments, providing them with the opportunity to thrive.

The projects undertaken by Sport4A/Future go beyond sports alone. The organization understands the importance of mentorship and support in a young person's life. Therefore, Sport4A/Future establishes mentoring relationships between athletes in their projects and dedicated volunteers from local communities. These mentors provide not only guidance but also love, patience, and trust, creating an environment where the young individuals can experience an encouraging and positive change in their life trajectories.

Building a Brighter Future, One Community at a Time

Sport4A/Future's commitment to making a difference in Tanzania is evident through their partnerships and initiatives. Collaborating with local organizations and academies, they provide young individuals with opportunities to develop their skills and nurture their passions. Through partnerships like the one established with Future Stars Academy in Arusha, Sport4A/Future sends talented players to receive training and mentorship, opening doors for them to excel in their football journey

Sport4A/Future understands the importance of education and personal development alongside sports. To support the growth of the students, they provide mentorship videos and educational materials to partner schools, such as Return Home Development Organization School (REDO). By focusing on topics like mental health, mentorship, and self-worth, Sport4A/Future aims to equip students with essential life skills that go beyond the field.

One of the key objectives of Sport4A/Future in Tanzania is to ensure that sports are accessible to all. By providing sports equipment and resources to partner schools like REDO, they create an inclusive environment where every student can engage in physical activities and benefit from the positive impact of sports. Through initiatives like sending sports equipment, Sport4A/Future promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among the youth in Tanzania.