Japanese innovation | Mizuno upgrades


Written by Sandra

We all know which boot is JayMike’s favorite. It is of course the Mizuno and we can understand why! But now it gets even better. with its new innovation improvements. Feeling interested in learning more about the new Morelia boot? Just keep reading and you will learn all about the new improvements!

Morelia Neo IV B Made in Japan

Probably one of the best handcrafts when it comes to football boots. This handcraft is now the fourth generation of the Morelia Neo family. Let us take a closer look at the new innovative boot.

From the Japanese KAIZEN philosophy of continuous improvements, this boot has evolved on multiple aspects to increase the feeling of a second skin. It is built for maximum comfort and acceleration. The boot got a new tongue to improve fitting the sole also got an upgrade to enhance stability and comfort. All the most innovative materials that we have seen over the last decade are now combined with the superior K-Leather. The new Morelia Neo IV B is actually made in Japan and is engineered with performance in mind. Every part of the boot has been developed and optimized to get the best performance out of each player. These boots can be considered as the pinnacle of the World famous Japanese innovation.

If these crazy improvements do not want you to get a pair of these new boots, we do not know what will - but we are certain that JayMike will have a pair, for sure!


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