Nike Mercurial X EA SPORTS | 16-Bit beauties!


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Ohh this is special! The brands are hitting us with several Limited Editions in quick succession this month, but this one will definitely be the one that takes all headlines.

EA SPORTS and Nike Football have just released and unveiled their joint creation, which is inspired by the legacy of a certain virtual football game. For legal reasons we are not allowed to mention the game by name, but let’s be honest you all know which one we mean here. Anyway, just to be safe we will be referring to it as “AFIF” throughout this blog. *Wink

Nike have been busy on the Limited Edition front lately, with their Tiempo Pirlo releasing yesterday, but this new Nike Mercurial Superfly X EA SPORTS is the first time in a while that they present the boots individually numbered. Putting a number on them always raises their awesomeness-factor as a collectable and it just always feels good to get a sense of how exclusive your particular pair is. Just 1500 pairs of this boot will be made, which also makes it particularly tricky to get, when compared to other Limited Editions.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly X EA SPORTS will be on, when the boots release 26.09.16. Sign up here to better your chances of securing one!

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“Our design team spends a lot of our free time playing football – both on the pitch and via video game – we’re pretty obsessed with both. We wanted to create something memorable that brings together the physical and virtual worlds.” - Nathan van Hook, Senior Design Director for Nike Football.

And that this was an especially passionate project for the design team definitely shows, because they have outdone themselves in terms of detailing. On the medial side of the boot, you find a pixelated 16-bit graphic that is transitioned into a more modern high-def look on the outside of the boot. The 16-bit look is a celebration of how the graphics have come on leaps and bounds in “AFIF”, throughout the 22 year history of the game. This same graphic has also founds its way to the infamous “Mercurial”-logo that graces the lateral side of the boot. The devil is very much in the detail!

While talking details we can’t avoid mentioning the boots soleplate, which is made in an iridescent design, and as the pictures pretty clearly show, it makes for a very, very eye-catching look. Nike really have a thing for the shimmering look lately, after also presenting it on the recent PSG third shirt. Keep it coming though!

Better yet, the boots will also be available in “AFIF”, so if your EA Sports Football Club account is level 7, then you can get your players in these.

If you want the Nike Mercurial Superfly X EA SPORTS, then sign-up here for a direct link to it on launch day! 26.09.16 - mark the day!