Unisport Tastemaker: The Nike Phantom GX Blast Experience


Written by Lasse

A selected group of young Unisport Tastemakers from all over Europe recently had an unique football experience. Read more about how they received the full Nike Phantom GX Blast Experience, including a trip to Nike HQ and the meeting with a Dutch legend, below!

Unisport and Nike invited six lucky individuals, three young men and three young women aged 18-24, from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Norway to participate in an unforgettable event. An event that showcased the latest innovation in football boots and the power of shared passion - the passion for football.

Introducing Nike Phantom GX Blast

The centerpiece of this electrifying event was the unveiling of Nike Phantom GX Blast. Nike's Phantom GX series is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and innovative design, and the Blast colourway did not disappoint. Nike Phantom GX from the Nike Blast Pack combines style and substance, with its sleek and eye-catching design.

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The Tastemakers' Exclusive Experience

The fortunate Tastemakers, who were at the heart of this event, were given a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Nike Football at Nike HQ in the Netherlands. They received Nike Phantom GX boots, but that wasn't all. Nike showered them with a variety of apparel to complement their new football boots. Pretty amazing, huh?

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Check out a video from the trip to Nike HQ below, where our Tastemakers rate colourways of some legendary Nike football boots! And read more about the Nike Phantom GX Blast experience below.

The Complete Football Experience

This event was not just about the product though; it was a holistic football experience. The Unisport Tastemakers embarked on a two-day adventure that took them to some of the most iconic football locations in the Netherlands.

On Day 1, they were welcomed to Nike HQ, where they had the privilege of meeting the legendary Giovanni van Bronckhorst, a true football icon. A guy, who was the captain of the silver medal winning Dutch team from World Cup 2010 and who scored one of the best goals in a World Cup ever at the Semi-final that year. The Tastemakers had the chance to ask him their burning questions, gaining insights into the mind of a true football legend.

Day 2 was no less thrilling, as the Unisport Tastemakers set foot on the hallowed grounds of the Dutch National Team's training facilities. Here, they faced off against other teams in a series of exhilarating drills. Guided by the expert coaches from KNVB's youth teams, they showcased their skills and dedication to football. After a well-deserved lunch, it was time to dive into the world of innovation. The Tastemakers met the three Product Line Managers and Designers responsible for the stunning Nike Phantom GX Blast. They participated in workshops, shared ideas, and, of course, created epic content to capture the spirit of the event.

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Read more about what the Unisport Tastemaker program is below, and how you can become part of it.

What is Unisport Tastemaker?

The Unisport Tastemaker program allows players from around the world to sign up for some mind-blowing opportunities, such as unique football experiences or testing the latest innovations in football gear. All we ask in return is to create content about it on social media, or share honest opinions on the tested product.

Everyone can sign up to become an Unisport Tastemaker - and maybe you'll get picked out to our starting XI for our next Unisport Tastemaker event. You could be lucky and win tickets to a football match, testing the latest products or maybe even win a full-season sponsorship of football boots.

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