Unisport Tastemaker: A Day at Wembley Celebrating Female Football and Nike Phantom Luna United


Written by Lasse

Wembley Stadium, the legendary home of English football, was the stage for an extraordinary event that combined innovation, art, and a celebration of female football. A group of six lucky Unisport Tastemakers were there to witness it all and join the celebrations. Let's dive into this unforgettable journey.

Six passionate and talented young women from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and France, aged 18-24 were invited by Unisport and Nike to a thrilling adventure to experience the launch of the Nike Phantom Luna United. The adventure took place at Wembley, and was a truly unforgettable experience - as they also got to meet three of the biggest stars in women’s football today.

Main attraction: Nike Phantom Luna United

The star of the show, Nike Phantom Luna, stole the spotlight with its cutting-edge design and performance capabilities. Nike Phantom Luna, part of the United Pack, is a testament to Nike's commitment to advancing football boots, as they are based on feedback from female football players. Therefore it is made with a 360 Cyclone plate, which reduces the risk of injury and provides exceptional responsiveness, and it is even made in women’s sizes and fit, to enhance the experience for women playing football. Its sleek aesthetics and top-notch functionality make it a must-have for any football player.

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An Immersive Football Experience at Wembley

Wembley Stadium, with its rich history and grandeur, set the stage for this remarkable event. The Tastemakers were introduced to Nike Phantom Luna, and also got a unique stadium tour at Wembley.

As they journeyed through various rooms at Wembley, they had the privilege of engaging with the Product Line Managers and designers of the Luna. They not only learned about the technology and craftsmanship that goes into creating these boots but also had the chance to discuss and create content, adding their own touch to the Phantom Luna narrative.

Tastemakers' Exclusive T-shirt

The Unisport Tastemakers, these six young women who live and breathe football, were not only treated to a day at Wembley but received their very own pair of Phantom Luna United football boots. But we even went the extra mile by offering the Tastemakers personalized T-shirts bearing unique Nike Phantom Luna designs created by the Tastemakers themselves.

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Check out a video made by one of the six lucky Tastemakers below. And read more about the event further below!

Meeting superstars of women football

The Tastemakers were also treated to a panel session featuring female football amplifiers and influencers, including our very own Nagin, who represented Unisport. Additionally, they had the privilege of meeting and interacting with three prominent figures in the world of women's football: Lauren Hemp, Alex Scott, and Rachel Yankey.

These incredible superstars shared their stories, insights, and visions for the future of female football. Their presence added an extra layer of inspiration to the event, emphasizing the growing prominence of women in the world of football.

All in all - an exciting day of celebration of women’s football and the new Nike Phantom Luna!

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What is Unisport Tastemaker?

The Unisport Tastemaker program allows players from around the world to sign up for some mind-blowing opportunities, such as unique football experiences or testing the latest innovations in football gear. All we ask in return is to create content about it on social media, or share honest opinions on the tested product.

Everyone can sign up to become an Unisport Tastemaker - and maybe you'll get picked out to our starting XI for our next Unisport Tastemaker event. You could be lucky and win tickets to a football match, testing the latest products or maybe even win a full-season sponsorship of football boots.

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