New colours for the Velocita, Medusæ and UX Accuro


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

They have really kicked up the production at Umbro. For the third time in three months they are ready with new colourways. This round adopts a blue expression, which makes for one especially good-looking UX Accuro.

It’s not long ago that Umbro hit the pitches with a red tinted range of boots, which on the feet of their biggest star Michail Antonio got a very positive reception. Now there is good news for fans of blue, because spearheaded by a deep blue Velocita II, they present three new looks for all three Umbro silos: Velocita, Medusæ and Accuro.

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Umbro Velocita is the brand speed boot, which clocks in at an impressively low 169 gram. It is intended for the rapid player, who only has one gear: GO!

Medusæ is a bit of an experiment from Umbro, which combines a leather front foot with a synthetic mesh midfoot. It results in a fairly light, but still very comfortable football boot, which is well suited for the controlling player, who above all values a magic touch on the ball.

The Accuro is the latest addition to Umbro’s lineup, but quite possibly the finest yet. The boots are immensely comfortable and although that isn’t always going to be the hottest selling point, it is absolutely one of the most important factors to your performance on the pitch.

The boots are about so much more than just comfort though and that’s why the upper is tactically enhanced with strike and control zones. This combination of comfort and pinpoint precision has spawned the slightly awkward boot motto: ”Deadly Comfort”. The jury is still out on the motto, but don’t let that take anything away from what may very well be our surprise boot of 2016.