Unisport Purpose | Zećira Mušović


Written by Christian

In the world of football, tales of determination, resilience, and dreams coming true are not unusual. Zećira Mušović's journey is no exception. Born in Falun, Sweden, to a family of Bosniak origin, Zećira's path to success was marked by challenges and doubters who questioned her ambitions and passion for the sport. But as she stands today, representing both Chelsea FC, one of the world's finest football clubs, and the Swedish national team, Zećira's story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for the next generation of dreamers.

''I need to work hard to be the best role model I can be. Both on and off the pitch'' - Zećira Mušović, Goalkeeper for Sweden and Chelsea FC & founder of Next Generation Dreamers.

Zećira Mušović's journey was not without obstacles. As a young girl with a minority background, she faced skepticism and doubt from those around her, including some of her closest allies. Many believed that her ambitious goals and big dreams were nothing more than a passing hobby and that she would eventually gravitate towards more "suitable" pursuits for a girl. However, Zećira's unwavering determination and love for football defied these stereotypes.

Her commitment to her passion eventually led her to the highest echelons of her sport, proving that gender and background should never limit one's ambitions. Zećira's story is a powerful reminder that dreams know no boundaries, and with dedication, one can break free from the boundaries imposed by society.

Next Generation Dreamers

Zećira Mušović's journey is built on a profound sense of responsibility to inspire and empower the next generation of dreamers. In light of her experiences and achievements, she has embarked on a project called "Next Generation Dreamers." This initiative aims to encourage young girls to dream big, pursue their passions, and grow up with unwavering support rather than opposition.

"Next Generation Dreamers" is more than just an idea; it's a vision to create a future where every girl, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to chase their dreams. Through a combination of inspiration, practice, and theory, this project will provide young girls with the confidence that their aspirations are within reach. Zećira's journey has been paved with the inspiration of different people and stories, and now, she's ready to inspire the next generation.

“When I jumped on the call with Nike and Unisport, and they mentioned their scholarship, I felt incredibly excited because I knew the possibilities it held for the project. How much bigger and better we can do this project together” - Zećira Mušovićl, Goalkeeper for Sweden and Chelsea FC & founder of Next Generation Dreamers.

Empowering Girls

One of the core tenets of "Next Generation Dreamers" is to recognize and appreciate girls who may not have enough support from their families for various reasons. This project aims to ignite a stronger drive, motivation, and a belief in the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Zećira's vision is to see all girls, regardless of their backgrounds, given the freedom to play football and dare to dream big. As big as she did!

In a world where opportunities can be unequal, Zećira's project seeks to level the playing field, ensuring that every young girl's dreams are met with encouragement and the belief that nothing is impossible. "Next Generation Dreamers" is not just about football; it's about empowering the dreams of young girls, breaking down barriers, and fostering a sense of unity, strength, and ambition.

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