Unisport Tastemaker: 21 Tastemakers Experiencing a Day In The Life Of a Pro With Nike Peak Ready Pack


Written by Lasse

Check out what happened, when we wrapped up an unforgettable day that redefined the game with Nike and FC Nordsjælland! 21 lucky Unisport Tastemakers stepped into the football boots of FC Nordsjælland pros and had a unique football experience. Read more about the day below!

21 lucky Unisport Tastemaker applicants from Denmark were picked out to become part of the Unisport Tastemaker squad for an incredible day with Unisport, Nike and FC Nordsjælland. The day was all about how it feels to be a pro at FC Nordsjælland, as well as testing out the latest gear from Nike. A truly unique experience for 21 Unisport Tastemakers, who had a day they will never forget!

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Gear Up: Elevating Performance with the Nike Peak Ready Pack

The buzz started as our members arrived at Farum Park, FC Nordsjælland’s home ground, awaited by the new and electrifying Nike Peak Ready Pack — and more specifically the Nike Phantom Luna and Nike Tiempo Legend 10. Beyond the pitch, our Tastemakers got to wear and test the latest Nike Winter Warrior apparel, that kept them warm, even as the temperature dropped.

Fueling Passion: Breakfast and Wisdom with Flemming Pedersen

The journey to greatness began with a hearty breakfast and an inspiring session led by Flemming Pedersen, FC Nordsjælland's former head coach. He shared insights into rediscovering motivation and the driving forces behind a player's passion, setting the tone for an extraordinary day.

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Check out some images from the day below. And read more about the event further below!

On the Pitch: Testing Limits with FC Nordsjælland Coaches

With motivation at its peak, our members geared up and hit the pitch. Testing the limits of the new boots, guided by the skilled coaches from FC Nordsjælland, the drills focused on touch and precision— since they were testing the Nike Phantom Luna and Nike Tiempo Legend 10 from the new Nike Peak Ready Pack.

Victory Smiles: Tired Yet Triumphant

Two hours later, our members left the pitch with a mix of exhaustion and elation. Exhausted? Definitely. Happy? Undoubtedly. The smiles on their faces were the perfect testament to a day well spent — pushing boundaries and embracing the true spirit of the game.

A massive shoutout to Flemming Pedersen for sharing his wisdom and to the coaches from FC Nordsjælland for making this day a masterclass in football excellence.

Stay tuned for more game-changing experiences. At Unisport, we're not just about the gear; we're about creating moments that elevate your passion and making football dreams come true.

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What is Unisport Tastemaker?

The Unisport Tastemaker program allows players from around the world to sign up for some mind-blowing opportunities, such as unique football experiences or testing the latest innovations in football gear. All we ask in return is to create content about it on social media, or share honest opinions on the tested product.

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JayMike also tells a bit more about Unisport Tastemaker in the video below. Check it out!

And below that video, you can check out some of the content from the lucky Tastemakers, who attended the event.