Christian Eriksen: This is my story


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

It’s absolutely unbelievable to think that Christian Eriksen is still just 24 years old. We now continue our series of grand-scale player stories, by looking back at his already illustrious 24 year career.

Throughout our original Unisport series, which we have named “This is my story”, we have heard from gigantic football icons like Thierry Henry, Eden Hazard and Jerome Boateng. Now we are ready with another episode, which looks at what forged Christian Eriksen’s path to the highest level of football.

In our episodes Joltter doesn’t just quickly brush over Christian Eriksens past. In the comprehensive piece, he fully explores the clubs, people and experiences that shaped him as a player. From his first club in Middelfart (Don’t laugh at the name too much), to his football upbringing in Amsterdam and all the way to North London.

All throughout we hear from the main man himself, who despite his usually humble and quiet nature is very open in sharing his many stories.Watch the video at the top of this blog.

If you want to get your hands on some of the gear worn in this episode, then you can find it right here or the slider below.