adidas Solar Energy | New Predator


Written by Sandra

Out with the old and in with the new. With the first pack of 2024, adidas brings their new Predator to life. Read more about it here!


Solar Energy is the new name of adidas’ latest pack. All three silos are launching in this new colourway; Predator, X and Copa. All in their own specific colourway, with X being volt, Copa being mainly white and last but not least, Predator being black with white adidas stripes and red details. And let’s stay a little bit with the Predator, as it has some upgrades which we also saw a teaser for back in late 2023.

adidas Predator

We’re looking forward to entering a new era with the new adidas Predator. 2024 is the start of a new era, and the Predator now comes with a folded tongue construction. As seen before in the storyline of Predators, but in a new execution at a completely new level. Celebrating 30 years of this iconic franchise, now designed for the goal scorers of modern football. The new adidas Predator will look forward to the next 30 years of Predator!

The boots will have new strikeskin fins combined with futuristic hybridtouch 2.0 for a silky control and laser-guided shooting technique. This is really a boot for the next generation predator goalscorer! The boot will come in three different styles - the first one will be bringing back the folded tongue, the second will be with laces and the last one will be laceless.

The new Predator is not the only thing that is new - maybe you’ve noticed that the normal naming of the boots are different? Don’t worry, the boots haven’t changed, it’s just the naming. See the old vs. new naming below. The new naming being bold:


.1 - Elite

.2 - Pro

.3 - League

.4 - Club

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