The new Barcelona third kit brings back memories of the 90's


Written by Jonathan Baez

The time has finally come. After having waited more than one month, you can finally find the FC Barcelona 3rd shirt online.

With a choice of colour that most of all brings back the memories of the legendary dream team from the start and mid 90's, Nike have revealed the new FC Barcelonas third kit. While the presentation didn't report anything about Nike using the 90's away kit as inspiration, it still seems logical that the designers have made the connection to the legendary players with the current team of stars. Because with MSN in the front and a solid back line, it is fair to suggest that FC Barcelona are experiencing one of the greatest team ever.

You can buy the new FC Barcelona shirt right here.

The new FC Barcelona shirt of course comes with the newest Nike AeroSwift technology. An innovation which has been developed to make the clothes more suitable for these sport athletes and to making them able to perform at their highest possible level. If you on the other hand doesn't need to play at high intensity in this shirt you can of course always go for the fan-variant, which is made from Nikes normal Dri-FIT material.

This got its on-pitch debut when Barcelona visited Borussia Moenchengladbach in the Champions League back in September.